10+ Best Custom ROMs for Android

Thanks to the AOSP. Android Open Source Program, which provides the open android source code developed in the association of brands, in order to provide an unadulterated version of the system. This system is made available to anyone and therefore it can be altered conveniently by developers without putting into consideration the various google standards. This has in turn led to the emergence of custom ROMs.

Custom ROMs are customarily made android builds developed from the underlying android code. Custom ROMs allow you to do quite a number of things, which are explicitly made available. In fact, some Android phones do not get updated to the latest version in simply a click. This is one of the drives that has led to the materialization of the custom ROMs. Customs ROMs update your device to the latest Android version.

While, a variety of launchers can allow you to change your phone interface, custom ROMs can let you go into the finer details and change even more detailed elements of your device. If you are not liking your phone skin, custom ROMs might be a break through to you. Chose today! You might discover a totally new device for older devices. With a custom ROM you can comfortably and conveniently customize your phone skin to any art you wish!

It is vital to get a closer view of various versions of Custom ROMs in order to be able to choose the most preferable choice for your phone. Despite the unruly nature of custom ROMs, there are a few points to have in mind.

  • Custom ROMs apply in rooted phones, which might or might not be successful to your device. Reason being, lack of following instructions.
  • Your device needs to be compatible with the particular ROM that you are installing
  • Get to enjoy explicitness of a faster smart phone, a more customized phone, an administrative access by getting an informative recap of top ten best custom ROMs for Android.

Which Are the Ten Best Custom ROMs for Android?

  1. CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod, the developers of cyanogen operating system, have shown a remarkable step in terms of its growth as a company. It has demonstrated a tremendous level of confidence to its customer, and this does push it to a newer and higher level, as it is now highly serviced, contrasting with the previous year. Cyanogen greatly comes with a surfeit of awesome features, thereby making it to fit in the smart world. It gives the user a lot of privileges, meaning that he or she can do a lot of custom stuff with the custom ROM. Including a well-blended theme engine, you can customize your profiles, gestures and most interestingly, almost every other element of your device. Above all, CyanogenMod not only allows you to comfortably configure the operation of navigation and status bar, but also hardware buttons and the notification drawer. To add on top, CyanogenMod is well serviced as it is updated on a regular basis and happily supports most devices found out there in the market. On that note, it has of late started providing nightly versions of CyanogenMod 13, which is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

  1. Paranoid Android

For quite a reasonable period of time, Paranoid Android has worked competitively to outdo CyanogenMod. This is another must have ROM with a stunning interface that allows you to personalize everything in your phone, including the smallest and unbelievable element of your device. Paranoid Android boasts quite a number of impressive features that are specifically unique. It features hover notifications that relays notifications to you, great immersive mode which hides both the notification and status bars, very lively system bars, the presence of gestures, dynamic system bars. Nevertheless, the cyanogen, boasts about a thematic engine. The Paranoid Android is useable in some devices and not in others. Some the devices that support the paranoid android, the entail oneplus devices, Oppo and not leaving out the Nexus family. It can as well and found in unofficial channels that being on XDA.

  1. MIUI

Pioneered by the Xiaomi Phone Company, MIUI is a highly selling ROM with a good market share and has quite a number of versions purposed for various devices. The MIUI ROM slightly resembles the IOS, it has a spectacular look and has a very great functionality. If you are looking for a great shift from the common Android platform and go into a newer world, the MIUI is the way to go. It gives a huge shift from Android stock ROM. It features fine options, which are easy to use. Some of the features include: a child mode which can be use by children without exposing them to explicit content, popup view, ShowTime, blacklist, MiCloud, theme store and many other exciting features. Contrasting with other ROMs, it can also be customized amicably to come up with a completely new interface. Apart from the beautiful interface and features, you can update the ROM regularly. MIUI supports a good number of devices, not leaving out the older devices, and this gives a totally new look to your old smartphones. .

  1. Cataclysm

This ROM is not as decorated as the others; it has maintained the original Android appearance. Cataclysm gives the user a slight shift from the Android platform. It adds value for tangible performances. Cataclysm brings forward several convenient additions like notifications, customizable toggles, lock screen side by side with configuring options for the status etc. other notable components are; App Opps, battery styles, smart radio, navigation bar options. This ROM is well praised for its awesome performance and tangible builds, with a very small capacity of faults. Unfortunately, this ROM is only present for Nexus gadgets officially. But you can equally acquire the ROM casually through other routes like XDA. Cataclysm will work best for you if you are in need of a solid marshmallow ROM with a huge taste of features.

  1. Resurrection Remix

You are looking for that ROM that give you reliable and efficient service? Resurrection remix is one stable ROMs. This ROM is among the most constant, regularly modernized, and organized and clean looking ROMs. Resurrection remix lets you personalize the whole interface. Personalization is the most exciting part about everything. , from the lock screen to the notifications drawer and also to the animations and navigation buttons. There are a number of features that give the Resurrection Remix a name, which are the features. More prominent components of this ROM include customizable notifications and pitch black dark theme. Compatibility is one of the most essential part or needs of a product. The Resurrection remix supports Android smart phones and the company goes ahead to out a marshmallow build.

  1. Euphoria OS

It was earlier referred to as Mahdi. Built on the basis of Android Open Source Program, it lately took a decision to partake a plunge to the Android 6.0 marshmallow. Besides having the many known personalization characteristics, it features other properties such as the privacy guard, a security feature, hardware keys personalization, a LED manager and another convenient double tap to awake feature. In addition, to boost the performance, it utilizes a custom kernel. This custom kernel as well helps to boost the battery usage hence prolonging the battery life by technically under-clocking the phone or tablet, when you are not using very many applications. Accompanying the ROM, entail other awesome features such as lock screen weather, beautiful animations, changeable menu and recent screen amongst many other accompanying features. The Euphoria Operating System is limitedly available. It does not have a wide variety to fit the numerous phone versions. It is available for just a few including Nexus, LG, One plus, and Motorola smartphones.

  1. OmniROM

Pioneered by the ex-Cyanogen developers with a uniquely developed marshmallow build. OmniROM contains self-made features such as DSP manager, delta system update, Omni JAWS weather service, a quick configurations panel, an top notch DO Not Disturb mode among may other features. Nevertheless, it has other features that help you customize your device to the most preferable look and configuration. The OmniROM uniquely has a heavily built feature, the OmniSwitch, which gives the user the opportunity to browse and switch through various applications, thereby enhancing convenience through the quick and easy accessibility. This custom ROM is made available for a varying range of devices which include the likes of Samsung, Sony, HTC, Oppo, Asus, Nexus devices and

  1. BlissPop

Coming with a peculiarity of a blissful experience, it contains way more unique features than you have heard of in other ROMs. May be the popularity might be a spoonful, but its unique features make it shine amongst many custom ROMs. BlissPop has a bliss interface, one of the best features about it basing its innovation on the CM12 Lollipop platform. The peculiar bliss interface joins up the tweak configurations in a particular space hence ensuring the settings window or page is easier to use and with a cleaner appearance. Navigation rings, live display, various lock screen shortcuts, status bar configurations and battery styles amongst other qualities. Like any other custom ROMs, BlissPop allows you to personalize your phone to the least element thus bringing a sense of belonging. Practically, in your notification bar, you can alter the icons, the colors, font types, the texts and much more custom stuff in Bliss operating system. Available both officially and unofficially you can access it for a good number of devices.

  1. XenonHD

Electric fast and highly performing, is a customizable ROM whose features are as generous as the speed it boasts. A big appreciation to the nature it possesses that is the light wave nature which boosts the speed giving the rom a new level altogether. Peculiarly, it features a theming characteristic which is RRO based, which allows you to theme the interface as self-oriented as possible. XenonHD comes accompanied by a stock appearance but like other ROMs lets you customize it to the last element. It brags the status bar to its notification bar. It as well entails amongst others, an in built root access as well as a privacy guard and a filter notification. XenonHD does not have a lot of features like the other ROMs. Despite the little features that it has, XenonHD still brags a strong and reliable performance. This ROM’s availability is for Samsung, Nexus, Sony, Oppo, and in HTC devices. Apart from the official channel of the ROM, you can as well access an unofficial channel where you will get an almost similar package.

  1. Dirty unicorns

If you are that person who goes looking for numerous features and configurations, then toil no more. Here comes Dirty Unicorns ROM. This ROM features quite a number of options including the notification drawer mode and status bar, a CM theme engine, notification LED configuration, the beautiful lock screen setting and a varying number of customizations. Dirty Unicorns as the name comes, it has a dirty tweaks section. In this section, all tweaks are sourced. They entail an OmniSwitch floating tool bar, double tap to lock, data flow and toolbar the cetera. If you are encountering this things, then you must be enjoying the ROM with the many options. It supports many of the devices that have been launched under the marshmallow builds.


Briefly, the above ten custom ROMs are just a glimpse of what you should look for or expect to find when looking for a good software for your device. ROMs, are a little bit complicated to some extent. Picking the right and most preferable ROM is very vital as the few important conditions are very sensitive. If not put into serious consideration, they might leave you phoneless. Therefore, it is important to get a good and informative recap of the Custom ROM that you are almost installing into your device. This is far much better than waking up one morning and straight away you want a XenonHD for example. Importantly, your device might not be compatible or you might not like the display.

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