Overclocking Software: Solution for Your GPU’s Outdated Performance

I have a very strange habit of imaging technology as a timeframe. While most people use a number to refer to a year such as 2016,2017, etc., I call it the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 year. For many tech-lovers like I, technology is always changing and moving forward, just like time. I go to sleep every night wondering what the next day will bring and wake up every morning surfing the web for technology news with the same question in mind: Has there been a new update or a new invention?

During my marathon with technology, however, more often than not I feel it hard to keep up with the constant pace of the tech development. The moment you stop to catch your breath, you are outdated. Just imagine this scenario when you are off on vacation for one week. On Monday morning you return to work and you realized your GPU has already become antiquated. Before you take out your credit card and purchase a new GPU, you might want to read through this article. What if you can enhance the performance of your old GPU instead of buying a brand new one?

About the software

Indeed, there is more than one way to upgrade your GPU. They are known as overclocking software. What the software do is that they increase the operating speed of your computer in order to create a higher performance. The way overclocking software works is similar to the way people with low blood pressure treats dizziness by drinking coffee. Just as caffeine increases your heart rate, the software increases your computer’s clock rate, thus leads to better performance.

This article will introduce you some of the best GPU overclocking software for Windows. Before you start installing, make sure that you read this section carefully. There are a couple of things that you should be aware of.

First, the installation of any of this software would invalidate your GPU’s manufacturer warranty. Most warranties come with terms and limitations which do not cover the use of GPU overclocking software. This means that once you have installed the software, you can no longer ask for refund or replacement for the manufacturer in case your GPU malfunctions.

Secondly, your GPU will be forced to overwork its original capacity. Since the software is designed to increase GPU’s performance, it will put pressure on your GPU, thus may lead to an overload of work.

1. MSI Afterburner

The MSI Afterburner is probably one of the most popular GPU tweaking software. One reason is that it works so well in Windows platforms allowing setting of both GPU and CPU. Another reason is that it offers a lot of cool features such as fan speed alternation, performance mark, power clock modification, etc. What’s more, this software is surprisingly user-friendly. Thanks to the simple UI, you can easily alter the setting with just a few clicks and drags of a button. Some people also find it easy to take screenshots and statistics by combining it with benchmarking tool such as Kombustor.

2. AMD Catalyst control center

AMD Catalyst Control Center works best with GPU from AMD brand, offering GPU/CPU fan speed change, 2D, and 3D standard features as well as clock speed of the core setting. Plus, the straightforward and elegant UI is very pleasant to the users’ eyes. This software, which is incredibly handy and easy to use, will definitely improve your computer visual quality and performance. So prepare to experience an unprecedented high performance and optimal quality.

3. Riva tuner

Comparatively older than the two above software, Riva Tuner does not own a fancy graphic design. Yet, when it comes to utility, many people consider it the most powerful overclocking software. For one thing, Riva Tuner works with more platforms than most software: from Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10 to Windows Vista. For people who are still using Windows XP or Windows Vista, this should be your first choice. The software allows you to change fan speed, brightness, contrast, digital display and more with little effort. Riva Tuner is definitely one of the most recommended overclocking software.

4. EVGA Precision X

EVGA Precision is the name of the software while X is the name of the version. This fantastic software which allows you to maximize your GPU performance and image display include some of the key features such as core control, memory control, display alteration and cooling setting. Also if you are a game player, you should seriously consider EVGA Precision X since it allows in-game monitoring, unlike any other tweaking software. So now you don’t have to log out of an ongoing game to adjust your computer anymore. It makes your life a lot easier, doesn’t it? That is not to mention users can customize the software display by choosing skins and graphic elements. For people who prefer the software to appear personal, this seems like the go-to choice.

5. Saphire Trixx

Saphire Trixx is a handy tool in adjusting core voltages, clock speed and fan speed, etc. One advantage in using Saphire Trixx is that you can create different profiles and switch back and forth between pre-set profiles. You can create up to three different profiles and swap them whenever you feel like. How convenience can it be? I mean aren’t we all tired of looking at the same graphic over and over. Now that we can switch back and forth, it would be even more interesting to use this software. Also, it is worthy to note that Saphire Trixx works very well with AMD and ATI.


Keeping up with the fast changing pace of technology can require a lot of effort and often quite a lot of money too. If you decide that you would like to spend money on other things, you should seriously consider downloading one of the above software instead of losing a large amount of money on a brand new GPU, only to replace it with another one after a year or so when it is outdated. I hope you find this article helpful. Thank you so much for reading it.

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